The Eastern Front uses its own Artemis MOD for our games.

How To Install Your Mod

  1. Make a copy of your Artemis Bridge Simulator folder - To make things simple, place your COPY of Artemis on your desktop. NOTE that although placing the copy on the desktop is not necessary it makes the process a lot easier. If you do not already have Artemis you can download it from the Artemis sight of your can buy it on steam. If you have the game from the Artemis Bridge Simulator sight you will find the folder in: C:\Program Files (x86)\Artemis OR if your using steam you can find the file in: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Artemis

  1. Download the MOD - Download and unzip the EF MOD. Download Now

  1. Move your EF MOD onto your Artemis copy- Now take the files found in the EF MOD and place them into your copy of your Artemis folder. WARNING!!! Do NOT place these files into your ORIGINAL copy of Artemis. doing so will over right your original game. ONLY place the files into the COPY you have made and say YES to over righting the files.

  1. Now Launch the EF MOD - Run Artemis.exe from the copy folder that you just placed the MOD into. After the game has booted up you should see the Eastern Front splash screen.