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Eastern Front Galexy

Green = Terran Controlled Space
Gray = Neutral Zone / Contested Space
Yellow = Targoth Empire
Blue = Arvonian Controlled Space
Red = Ximni Controlled Space

Point of intrest Sector
Sho Shu Shen Station48,-48AlphaTerran Controlled Space
Harpers Way Jump Gate50,-48AlphaTerran Controlled Space
IB-0146,-46AlphaTerran Controlled Space
EFN-0148,-46AlphaTerran Controlled Space
EFN-0148,-46AlphaTerran Controlled Space
Charybdi Breeding Grounds50,-46AlphaTerran Controlled Space
Industrial Sector46,-50AlphaTerran Controlled Space
Dragon Realm42,-36FoxtrotNeutral Zone / Contested Space
SB-01 and SB-0245,-37FoxtrotNeutral Zone / Contested Space
Harpers Way43,-38FoxtrotNeutral Zone / Contested Space
ShoShuShen Jump Gate45,-40FoxtrotNeutral Zone / Contested Space
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